Oatmeal Creek has three residency sessions per year from late February to mid May. The open call for applications begins on August 1 with a deadline of August 31. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Awarded applicants will be notified no later than November 1. Individual residencies are 21 days in length beginning and ending on a Friday.


Oatmeal Creek is open to individual applicants worldwide. Applicants must be at least 21 years old as of January 1 of the year of residency to which they are applying. Applicants should be fluent in the English language. Chosen residents are expected to be highly motivated, self-sustained, and capable of managing their own schedule. The property is non-smoking and drug free. The facilities are currently not ADA accessible and the residency is unable to accommodate people with disabilities or significantly impaired mobility.


An open call for applications will begin on August 1, 2019 and close on August 31, 2019. Notification of acceptance will occur no later than November 1, 2019. The dates for the 21-day awarded residencies for 2020 are as follows:

Residency 1
Friday, February 28 to Friday, March 20, 2020

This session begins with the early signs of spring and ends with the beginning of the annual Texas bluebonnet show. The weather can vary widely from cloudy and freezing to sunny and 80 degrees.

Residency 2
Friday, March 27 to Friday, April 17, 2020

During this session spring is in full bloom with wildflowers and the explosion of green. The weather can be comfortable at night with warm afternoons. By now the water in the creek may be warm enough for swimming. Impressive thunderstorms may occur.

Residency 3
Friday, April 24 to Friday, May 15, 2020

During this session the gradual fade of spring and the wildflowers begins. The weather begins to get warm, 90 degrees, but most nights are still pleasant, around 70 degrees. Thunderstorms are most likely this time of year. The creek may provide a great place for swimming and relaxing.

Applicants may select their preferred residency time period based on their availability. Effort will be made to fit the applicant’s schedule, but there is no guarantee that their preferred time period will be awarded to them.

Before applying please consider...
Oatmeal Creek may not be for everyone. The property is somewhat isolated and undeveloped outside of a small rural community without some of the conveniences of modern urban living. The residency is for self-motivated individuals who are looking for the time, space, and support to focus on their work. While the residency is within an hour drive of Austin, it is not to be considered a jumping off point for visits there, and trips into the city are discouraged.


Oatmeal Creek requires a non-refundable $25.00 application fee. Applications are only accepted through Submittable who will process and collect the application fee. Absolutely no late applications will be accepted after the deadline date of midnight, August 31, no exceptions. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Only one application per person will be accepted. If you are awarded a residency and for some reason are unable to attend, your residency will not be carried over to the next open application period.

For prose a maximum of 15 pages of writing samples must be submitted in PDF or Word format with a font size no smaller than 12pt. For poetry, 3 poems with a maximum of 8 pages. For screenwriting/playwriting the first act with a maximum of 20 pages. An up to date CV must also be included. Additional information, complete application requirements and instructions can be found on the Submittable application form.

Applications for the 2020 residency program will open on August 1, 2019. Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the open call is announced.

Oatmeal Creek uses the Submittable Platform to manage residency applications and the application fee. During the open call period, when you hit the Click here to Submit button you will be directed to the application page on Submittable. Create a free account to submit your application , or log-in if you already have a Submittable account. Submittable only requires you to enter your name, address and contact details to create a free account.


Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee. The entire list of applications is scored by each member of the committee, who review the artist statements and each work sample. In addition to the submitted work samples, members of the committee may also independently research the applicant’s work online and via their website, if provided. The selection committee collectively decides on a group of finalists who are then individually interviewed by the committee, and ultimately awards three applicants. Chosen applicants will be notified personally and a letter of acceptance will include a contract, liability waiver, house rules, map, and helpful tips.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the Oatmeal Creek program and property.