How do I get to Oatmeal Creek?
Austin Bergstrom International Airport is an hour drive from Oatmeal Creek. Upon request, residents that fly into Austin can be picked up at the airport.

Can I drive myself there?
Residents may drive to Oatmeal Creek with their own transportation.

Is there a vehicle available for my use?
There is a pick up truck available for the resident’s limited use.

Can I leave the property?
Frequent or extended trips that are not project oriented are strongly discouraged.

What is the weather like?
The weather can be cold in March and may be hot in May. A more detailed description of the weather during the scheduled residency sessions can be found on the Apply page.

What about connectivity?
WiFi, suitable for basic web research and emailing, is available with a hotspot device on a limited data plan. There is no TV or landline telephone service, although most mobile providers have a good connection. There is high speed WiFi at the Bertram Public Library.

Do I need to bring any equipment or supplies?
Residents need to bring their own laptop should they choose to use one. There is a printer and manual typewriter available. Awarded residents will receive a full list of available amenities and a recommended packing list.

May I invite any guests?
No guests are allowed.

Can anyone accompany me; spouse/partner, collaborator, children, pet?
Spouses, partners, and collaborators are not allowed at this time. Children and pets are not allowed.

Is the residency accessible for people with disabilities?
The property is currently not ADA accessible and the residency is unable to accommodate people with disabilities or significantly impaired mobility.

Is there a smoking, drug, and alcohol policy?
No smoking anywhere on the property. Only drugs prescribed by a medical professional are permitted. Reasonable alcohol consumption is permitted.

Am I required to interact with the community?
This is optional. There is a nice library in Bertram where a resident could set up a workshop or reading for school children or the community in general. Oatmeal Creek would help facilitate this.

Are there contracts that I will need to sign?

Before choosing the awarded Residents the finalists will be asked to review Oatmeal Creek’s Residency Contract, Liability Disclaimer Contract and the House Rules. Awarded Residents will be required to sign these contracts before arrival at Oatmeal Creek.

Are there any animals on the property?
Oatmeal Creek is home to an indifferent donkey named Whitenose, and two unnamed runaway emus.