The Oatmeal Creek residency program supports artistic vision by offering emerging and established writers opportunities to pursue their range of expression. These opportunities are the time, space, and support to experiment and cultivate new ideas, or to focus on works in progress. Most importantly, residents can immerse themselves in the peace and quiet of a protected rural environment to clarify the promise and potential of their creative development.

Oatmeal Creek

Oatmeal Creek is situated on 240 acres northwest of Austin in the northern Hill Country of Central Texas. The property has open fields of native grasses, a mile of riparian area, and numerous live oak trees. A conservation easement was placed on the land in 2004 limiting any further development and guiding its ecological restoration and maintenance for today and into the future. This vision for conservation promotes activities including prescribed burning of existing fields, removal of invasive and aggressive plants, and the planting of native grasses and tree species.

The picturesque namesake creek that winds its way through the property provides numerous swimming holes and small waterfalls as well as quiet areas that encourage peaceful reflection. Along with wide open vistas across fields of native grasses, numerous pathways and trails to hike, radiant sunrises and sunsets, and brilliantly starry nights, the surrounding environment allows residents a unique opportunity for solitude and self-discovery.

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